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Site Update! Contest! Special Appearance! Skype!

Posted on February 10, 2007 by

Hey ladies and gents, this is Zach with an update about our site.

First, we have a snazzy new design and logo, courtesy of Brian and the themes at WordPress.net. So check it out.

Second, in two weeks we will have our first real contest: the HANZ ZIMMER CHALLENGE. Check out our podcast next Saturday for more details. Grand prize: a DVD of one of our podcasted movies!

And finally, we will be on IOACentral Radio this week, as special “movie experts”. Yeah, we’re surprised too.

P.S: We’re on Skype now. Join us when we record our podcast. (This is usually every Saturday around 10/11 PM EST.) If the Skype button is lit up and online, just call us and we might put you on the air.

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