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Macintosh off the starboard bow!

I know what you’re all thinking, “that is the most corny post title ever.” I know and I don’t care. I bet you’re also thinking, “Zach, you can’t find awesome videos for Pirates of Silicon Valley!” I can and I will my friends, I can and will. Cast your doubting eyes down yonder for pure nerdy greatness.

Trailer (of course)


part 1 of the WHOLE MOVIE!!!!!!!!!!!, see the rest on youtube.


Steve Jobs owns a prospective employee:


Noah Wyle+Matthew Mccounghey mustache+LSD= Hilarity


And now friends I present a brief look at the man, the myth, the legend: Steve Ballmer. First up is Steve the Dance Machine.


Next we have Steve Ballmer: Master Salesman


Only one thing matters in the world of computers; developers, developers, developers!!!


or maybe it’s advertisers?


and finally Ballmer and crew reenact Tommy Boy


There we go, I hope you all are a little nerdier and a little wiser. See ya next week!

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