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Aliens vs Predator 2: The Good One

Well the moment everyone has been waiting for is here, the Aliens vs Predator: Requiem trailer is finally online.  My sarcasm meter just exploded but the movie still looks pretty good and fixes some of the problems of the first movie mainly that it was rated PG-13 when you have two R rated titans battling it out, it was still kinda fun though.  This new trailer seems to support the idea that as Jigsaw might say, “Oh yes, there will be blood.”  Plus Reiko “Michelle Dessler” Aylesworth comes back from the dead to kick some alien ass, awesome!  In other sequel news the dinosaurs in Jurassic Park 4 will apparentley be handling weapons of some kind.  While that idea sinks into your head feel free to watch the Requiem trailer to see some Predator on Alien action.


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