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“The President’s gonna get his baseball glove back and play catch with this guys balls!!!”

Posted on October 24, 2007 by

Thanks cliche gung-ho General! Anyway it is hump day and it’s time for some Air Force One video goodness.


The hijacking sequence featuring our man Glenn Morshower as the last man standing:

Ivan Kurshonov creepily explaining how he and the president are basically the same:

A musical tribute to Ivan Kurshonov:

Snakes on Air Force One, a pretty good mash-up

The final battle between Ivan and the President (someone dubbed over it for a school assignment, weird):

The F-16’s vs the MiGs, insert Highway to Danger Zone here:

Marc Ecko “tags” Air Force One:

Wife Force One, The ultimate Harrison Ford movie:

In the same vein, from this week’s Family Guy: “Harrison Ford Telling Random People He Wants His Family Back”:

Firewall, “You’ll Believe Harrison Ford knows how to use computers!”:

But as Harrison Ford tells us on The Daily Show, high tech for him is his watch:

Picks of the Week:

Brian- Goosebumps on Cartoon Network and Guitar Hero III: Legends of Rock

Goosebumps Opening Titles:

Guitar Hero III:

Zach- The Nightmare Before Christmas back in theaters:

THIS IS HALLLOWWEENNNNN!, sorry 300 moment there.:

Oh, speaking of 300, here’s a super awesome bonus clip, maybe Robot Chicken’s most brilliant sketch ever:

That’s it for this week but listen up on Monday as we dive into the DMV like afterlife of Beetlejuice, plus more Goosebumps love, send us your favorite Goosebumps book (the title not literally the actual book) and we’ll read all the submissions on the show. Later.


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