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Watching these clips isn’t a job, it’s an adventure!

Posted on November 14, 2007 by

Grab some Asian Experience and get fired up cause it’s a high octane edition of Bonus Vids Wednesday. Steven Seagal shows us how big a bad ass he was and how kinda chunky he is now, and of course more Busey! But let’s kick things off with the trailer featuring Don Lafontaine.

“The party was wild, they really knocked em DEAD!”

TBS may just be a repository of reruns and Braves baseball but they sure know how to make brilliant promos:

A Gary Busey tribute, Marilyn Manson is an ok choice as both are insane but c’mon, you could have used “Insane in the Membrane” or “Crazy Train” or some other song that has any synonym of “Crazy”:

Do not fuck with Seagal’s bouillabaisse!:

Steven Seagal knows how to rock!:

Seagal may have been like Macgyver but there is only one MacGyver, watch as he dramatically confronts a racist. (yes, that is Cuba Gooding Jr.):

“Keep the Faith, Stranix” Not as awesome a one-liner as I thought but still servicable:

The classic “Seagal accidently kicks ass” mountain dew commercial:

Say what you will about MadTV but they’ve had some good sketches, like Will Sasso’s impression of Seagal:

Never can post this enough, Steven Seagal is going to take you to the bank:

Which Seagal will win the prestigous “Best Straight to Video” Soup Award?:

Ok, A. I don’t know who Sayed Najem is and B. I don’t care but the important thing is you get the whole horribly ridiculous Attack Force final fight starring Seagal’s Jowls:

And now on to Urban Justice, the gritty look at the streets of Albuquerque, New Mexico (it’s supposed to be Compton):

Those McDonald play places are dangerous places:

Seagal busts up a crackhouse:

Seagal busting up a meth lab, I think:

Seagal avoids a breaking and entering charge by beating the home owners senseless:

Seagal vs Eddie Griffin, because no one demanded it!:

So that’s it remember that Winner’s Dont Do Drugs, Don’t spit in people’s soups, and Gary Busey should never dress in drag, see you next week as we trek to Shadaloo and dissect Street Fighter.

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