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“When war is in your blood, killing is as easy as breathing.”

Hey Hey Internet! It’s Wednesday and as always I’ll try to get you through hump day with some bonus videos.



The ridiculous unrated trailer:


haha, remember when Weird Al parodied Rambo in UHF (which we’ve talked about before on the show, check the archives)?:


You haven’t lived until you’ve seen “Turkish Rambo”:


Along with such legendary cartoons as Chuck Norris Karate Kommandos and Mr. T’s T-Force comes Rambo: The Force of Freedom:



Angry Video Nerd mellows out a bit and reviews Rambo:


He also rants about how bad the Rambo games have been:

Best or worst title ever, you decide, but here’s the trailer for “Midnight Meat Train”:


Picks of the Week:

Brian- Groundhog’s Day 15th Anniversary:


Zach- King of Kong: A Fistful of Quarters:


So there we go, Check out the site this weekend for our next episode at a special earlier time.  We’re talking about the sports movie boom of the early to mid 90’s when Disney saw fit to release a movie for almost every conceivable sport.  As always, e-mail us any comments (check out the contact tab at the top of the page) or join the forum and join in the discussions.

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