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“These videos are like a piece of iron”

Posted on February 29, 2008 by

Well, the Internets have been trying to knock us out Ivan Drago style this week, our site went down temporarily yesterday and I’ve been fighting with my home computer to get back on the internet. Everything is cool now though and better late than never here are your Rocky IV bonus videos:


Drago learns what America is all about:

Drago vs. Apollo:

The “Rocky is sad and going to drive around” montage:

One of the training montages in Russia:

The second training montage where Rocky’s “Hearts on Fire”:

Rocky goes into the belly of the beast, Moscow:

Rocky vs Drago:

A tribute to Ivan Drago:

Sorry everyone, I couldn’t find any video of Paulie’s Robot, but here’s the next best thing. Someone made a Rocky IV robot costume:

It’s not Rocky till you hear “Eye of the Tiger”:

Also it’s not Rocky till you hear some Bill Conti:

One last musical thing here, some Survivor “Burning Heart”:

Oh, be sure to check out I-Mockery’s “Ivan Drago: Justice Enforcer” game:


Picks of the Week:

Brian- There Will Be Blood

Zach- Beowulf Unrated

Well that’s it for this week, tune in next week for the end of this Excellent Adventure (Hint, Hint). Oh, and be sure to enter our iTunes comment contest for your chance to get a Kick-Ass Movie Podcast T-Shirt.


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