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Introducing the Trailer Park

Posted on March 7, 2008 by

Hey gang,  TGIF am I right?  Anyway, today I’m introducing a new weekly feature to the site, “Trailer Park”, where we take a look at some of the best (and maybe some of the worst) trailers for upcoming movies.  I’ll give my impressions of them and you can share yours in the forum.  Ready, ok, here we go.

Iron Man:

Ok, If that doesn’t give you a nerdgasm I don’t know what will.  I can’t see anyway this movie will not kick ten kinds of ass.  Robert Downey Jr. is a perfect Tony Stark and we finally know who the villain of the movie is, Iron Monger.  If you’re not familiar with the comics Iron Monger is a rival industrialist named  Obadiah Stane who stole Tony’s Iron Man plans and made his own armor.  So yeah, easily one of my most anticipated movies of 08.

Get Smart:

I’m thinking this movie looks pretty good.  We at the KAMPC love Steve Carrell (new episodes of The Office are almost here!) and he seems like the perfect Maxwell Smart.  Plus it looks like a great supporting cast from people like Alan Arkin, The Rock and Terrence Stamp (KNEEL BEFORE ZOD!!!) and Anne Hathaway.

The Onion Movie:

So what I gather from this trailer is that this is going to be a mix between “Kentucky Fried Movie” and “The Daily Show” where the main part of the movie is fake news stories with some ridiculous movie trailers and commercials thrown in.  Of course, I had to put this up because you got Seagal as “Cock Puncher” so that might be worth the price of admission alone.  One last thing is that apparently this movie is going straight to video so hopefully that isn’t a reflection of quality.

That’s it for this week, I guarantee we will have Bill and Ted next week to close out 80’s month in style.


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