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Trailer Park

By Zach

Trailer Park

Hey gang, it’s another Friday and another round of trailers from the past week or so. We got Robert De Niro, Al Pacino, Edward Norton and the cutest robot ever.

The Incredible Hulk


Zach: First things first, Ang Lee’s Hulk movie sucked pretty bad. When the main gist of the character is that he is on the run and smashes things when he’s pissed, we kinda don’t want to see long, drawn out looks into his psyche and how his father abused him. HULK SMASH, NOT NEED THERAPY! With that out of the way I thought this trailer was pretty good. I liked the whole “The Fugitive” vibe with Ed on the run and the fact that they have an actual villain instead of a hobo played by Nick Nolte is a good touch. (It’s Abomination, by the way). Hopefully it will be good but I’m still 10 times more excited for Iron Man.

Brian: When I first heard about the new Hulk movie, I sighed and said “oh, brother”. But judging from this teaser, it looks like Ed Norton has steered the movie franchise about the base of the comics: a man looking for acceptance and a way to cure his disease. Ang Lee’s P.O.S favored more HULK SAD than HULK SMASH. This looks like the step in the right direction.

Speed Racer


Zach: So the Wachowski “Siblings” are back after the ok but extremely overrated V for Vendetta and they’re attempting to make a full on live action cartoon. My first thoughts after watching this trailer are that I need to go brush my teeth because all those bright candy colors probably gave me cavities, and possibly diabetes. There’s lots of cool special effects things going on like speed lines during the fight scenes and such and the racing looks like F-Zero the movie. I think it looks like it might be cool but I’m not really that excited, I’m sure if you’re a Speed Racer fan you’re psyched.

Brian: Definitely sugary sweet. Trailer seems to show that the Wachowski bros have nailed the cartoon’s aesthetic. Like John Goodman as the role of Speed’s father and Emile Hirsch is talented. However, I don’t know how I feel about Matthew Fox as Racer X. (You know what’s interesting about Matthew Fox… nothing!)



Zach: Finally, after a couple of teaser trailers we finally have a full on trailer for Wall-E, the annual Pixar movie that will put the 50 other CG movies to shame. Last year’s offering, Ratatouille, was good but I always thought it was bizarre that Disney would try to market both rats and culinery culture to kids. Oh well, it looked amazing and Wall-E looks even more amazing. Wall-E is probably the cutest robot ever put on film, I want to take him home and watch Short Circuit with him. From this trailer we finally get the gist of the plot in that Wall-E is left on Earth to clean up while humans have traveled to another planet. One day a spaceship comes with another robot named EVE and the two become friends, possibly more but that’s kinda weird when talking about robots. EVE gets taken back to spaceship and Wall-E goes after her and intergalactic adventures ensue. The director of this, Andrew Stanton, is also the guy who directed Finding Nemo, widely regarded as the pinnacle of Pixar movies. I’m partial to The Incredibles myself but Finding Nemo was great so I have no doubts that Wall-E will be anything but awesome. The worst Pixar movies are still 10 times better than half the dreck Hollywood churns out.

Brian: Like most Pixar movies, I ain’t feeling this one but have a feeling that’ll kick my ass regardless. Wonder how they’ll be able to turn a barren earth and a lonely robot into a good kids/family movie. What am I saying? This is Pixar we are talking about.

Rightous Kill


Zach: Al Pacino and Robert De Niro, reunited and it feels, ok? I gotta admit, I wasn’t very impressed with this trailer. Don’t get me wrong, those two are probably some of the greatest actors ever but this movie just doesn’t seem that interesting. Plus, it has to live up to the unbelievably awesome Heat, which is probably impossible. Also, 50 Cent is in it, so, draw your own conclusions there. I think Pacino’s other movie, 88 Minutes, looks more interesting. See for yourself:


Brian: Not a lot of films can own up to the awesomeness that is Heat. The only real comparisons I see between these two movies is just the fact that Pacino and De Niro are starring. Other than that, it looks OK. Most likely a DVD rental if I get bored. (Props to the NIN in the trailer.)

Lost Boys: The Tribe


Zach: File this under, “Why in the hell do we need this?” I get the sense that this is basically going to be the same movie as before except replace, “older brother” with “sister” and the vampires now skateboard to be “extreme”. You can basically see Corey Feldman’s remaining dignity dying with the vampires on screen. I’m gonna have to give this a pass.

Brian: More appropriate title would be “Corey Feldman” needs money. This movie could be decent but the trailer makes it look like “Never Back Down” with vampires. Terrible.

So, that’s it for this week in trailers, I’m sure there will be some more great ones next week. Be sure to download our latest episode for Bill and Ted’s Excellent Adventure and be on the lookout Monday for some St. Patty’s Day green with Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 1 and 2.

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