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TP: Trailers that… aren’t so good

By Zach

Trailer Park

Another week and not a lot of good trailers, probably due to the fact that we’re a month till the summer movie extravaganza. Till then we’re just going to have to make due with what we have.

The Love Guru

Zach: To quote Cartman, “Lame.” Mike Myers is back to doing live action which he hasn’t done since the crime against humanity that was The Cat in the Hat. This isn’t looking much better, it’s Myers doing a crazy accent and recycling all the jokes from Austin Powers. Will Ferrell is more creative with his sports movies than Myers is with these comedies.

Brian: Definitely gives off Austin Powers vibes, but the character Myers plays seems incredibly unlikeable. Alba as the female lead/romantic interest. Timberlake as a goofy French-Canadian is a nice twist, but I think he’d get on my nerves. All in all, nothing interesting. Bet this film will probably tank, but moviegoers did make “Meet the Spartans” number one.

Step Brothers

Zach: Speaking of Will Ferrell, we have the trailer for Step Brothers where he and John C. Reilly are the titular brothers. It looks like we have the naive, man-boy Will from things like Elf as opposed to over the top, sports star Will, which is a nice change of pace. John C. Reilly was great in Walk Hard and he and Will always play off each other great. Plus you have Mary Steenburgen and “Hollywood Legend” Richard Jenkins ( http://www.funnyordie.com/videos/ce341dc680) as Will and John’s parents. Looks like some good old fashioned Will Ferrell stupid fun.

Brian: First off, props to LCD Soundsystem’s “North American Scum” playing in the beginning. Cool. Second, I got high hopes for this one. Ferrell and Reilly as two competing step-brother manboys. Some good laughs in the trailer, but the bunkbed gag was both predictable yet somehow hilarious.


Zach: From the creators of Kick Ass Movie podcast favorite “Crank” comes Pathology. I get the sense that it’s kind of a bloodier “Flatliners” but instead of trying to kill themselves, or almost kill themselves, these pathologists kill random people and then try to see if the others can figure out the cause of death. Definately not as fun as Crank. So, we’ve got Milo Ventimiglia (“who’s so hot right now” as Mugatu might say) as Dr. Grey (wonder where they got that from?) and Michael Weston as Dr. Gallow, from the George Lucas school of character naming. (I wonder if he turns evil?) It seems sort of interesting but I’ll have to reserve judgement until it comes out (probably April 18th but the trailer came out with Hitman last year so who knows).

Brian: zzzz …. oh wait, Pathology? Yeah, pass. zzzzz

Kung Fu Panda

Zach: The second best CG movie makers Dreamworks brings us Kung Fu Panda starring Jack Black. The CG looks good, it’s got a good cast, seems like it could be funny so I’m gonna say if you need a second animated movie to watch this summer after Wall-E this probably would be a good choice.

Brian: Seems like another general CGI kiddie flick, but this is from the studio that brought us “Shrek”. The role is perfect for Jack Black and the rest of the voice cast seems OK. Might give it a chance.

So that’s it for this week’s Trailer Park, if there isn’t a lot of trailers next week we’ll probably lay off for a week or two to build up an arsenal. Be sure to send us in any trailers that you come across and, starting the hype, be sure to check out Kick Ass Movie podcast live on Talkshoe, Kick Ass Movie Podcast on Talkshoe on April 20th at 10:00pm EST. We’ll be running down the whole summer and you can chat with us live and call in with your thoughts. It’s sure to be a good time so hopefuly we’ll see you there.

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