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Trailer Park: T-Minus Three Weeks till Iron Man!

By Zach

Trailer Park

We’re still a couple weeks from the start of blockbuster season but we managed to find some trailers for this week’s trailer park.

Bangkok Dangerous

Zach: Well, Nicolas Cage is back with another action movie, the horribly titled Bangkok Dangerous. Nic hasn’t exactly been scoring with his last couple of movies, (The Wicker Man, Ghost Rider, Next) and I don’t think this is gonna drag him out of the gutter. It looks like it has some style, some panache, but not too excited. Oh and what the hell is the deal with Nicolas Cage and horrible hairpieces?

Brian: A groan emitted from myself when I saw the beginning of this trailer at the movie theater. Cage isn’t necessarily a bad actor, but his choices range from decent to downright horrible. (“Wicker Man” or “Next”, anybody?) Plus he has that stupid haircut that makes Tom Hanks’ “Da Vinci Code” do look trendy. Meh.

Ice Age 3

Zach: I thought the first Ice Age was pretty good, didn’t see the second one and I guess they’ve milked the Pleistocene era for all it’s worth because it’s back to good old Mesozoic and dinosaurs. From what I’ve heard and seen everyone’s favorite prehistoric pals end up in a Land of the Lostesque valley beneath the earth where the dinosaurs are still living. I’m assuming hilarity is supposed to ensue. Hopefully Chaka and the Sleestax will be there.

Brian: Scrat is pretty much the only reason I’d go out of my way to watch an “Ice Age” trailer, mostly because I believe he’s a great tribute to the slapstick-oriented comedy of Looney Tunes. That said, I dunno if want to sit through another Ice Age movie. They just aren’t that funny and are starting to wear thin ala “Shrek”. Probably a rental.

Hellboy II

Zach: First of all, Hellboy 1 is on my “Pile of Shame” or “the movie I still have to watch but haven’t gotten to yet” so I’ll have to wait to see if I want to see this one. On that note, this one still looks pretty good, kung-fu, crazy creatures, the master of prosthetics Ron Perlman and George Bluth Sr. himself Jeffrey Tambor! Hopefully he runs Bureau of Paranormal Research and Defense better than the Bluth Company.

Brian: Haven’t seen Hellboy either, but this trailer looks pretty cool. Might have to catch up and then see this one. Agreeing with Zach here: Tambor for the win.

Iron Man Clip

Zach: You know how on South Park last season Cartman froze himself so he wouldn’t have to wait for the Wii to come out? I’m thinking of doing that so I can skip the three weeks until Iron Man. Damn you, Time!

Brian: In the span of a few months, this movie went from “could be good” to “most likely going to be amazing” in my book. So yeah, pumped.

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