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*BAM!* Welcome to Earth!

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Or “Earf” if you’re Will Smith. Hope everyone is having a fantabulous and scrumtrulecent summer. Hopefully you’ve checked out our summer special on Independence Day (and if you haven’t get on it already.) and as always I’ve got some bonus videos for y’all.



Part 6 of the whole movie on Youtube, you can see it change into Top Gun near the middle, with Harry Connick Jr as the poor man’s Goose:


Speaking of Top Gun, I mentioned it in the episode but here is perhaps the greatest music video of all time, Steve Stevens and Harold Faltermayer with “Top Gun Anthem” (recently available to dl in Guitar Hero 3):


Roland Emmerich and Michael Bay need to have an explosion off one of these days:


Will Smith is on the highway to the danger zone (that’s it for Top Gun references, maybe):


Coming this fall to Fox, Will Smith and the Alien!:


You can’t talk about Will Smith without getting at least a little “jiggy wit it”:


The Apple Powerbook was the only laptop that could save the world:


Rifftrax adds much needed “Over the Top” references and berating of untan people:


the Angry Video Game Nerd reviews the horrible PS1 game based on the movie:


Bill Pullman’s epic speech:


I offically challenge David Duchovny to a Jeff Goldblum Off:


and finally I leave you with Jeff Goldblum cracking under the hilarity wave that is Will Ferrell’s Harry Carey:

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