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TP: Marky Mark, the LaBeouf and Vin

By Zach

Trailer Park

Well, it’s the end of summer, the main movies that came out this week have a combined total of 16% freshness over at Rotten Tomatoes, so it’s time to look at what’s coming out this winter and next year.

Eagle Eye

Zach:  Shia Labeouf goes from a Speilberg directed film to a Spielberg produced film with Eagle Eye.  He and Michelle Monaghan are targeted by a shady group that is able to track them everywhere and able to control basically everything.  They frame them as being terrorists and are forcing to carry out some sort of mission.  Billy Bob Thorton is an FBI agent tracking them.  It looks like it will be pretty good, some good action and an interesting concept and the lady on the phone is pretty damn creepy.  It’s out on the 26th of September.

Brian: After seeing this trailer numerous times, I couldn’t elicit any kind of response. Then I saw it before “Tropic Thunder” and became a little more responsive. Still another movie I’d rather wait till DVD before rushing out to the theater.

Fast and Furious

Zach:  So apparently all you have to do to make a fourth movie title is drop the “the” from before fast and furious.  Do we really need a fourth movie in this franchise?  The first two were all right, extremely stupid but they had a certain charm.  I have not seen the third but it looked horrible.  Now basically every from the first movie is back and in the Dominican Republic stealing gas from tankers.  The trailer is basically the end of the first movie with a different type of big rig.  Oh, is it just me or does the whole trailer have a car commercial look?  It’s too clear or something, I expected a Toyota logo or something to come up at the end.  I don’t think this is the comeback Vin Diesel was hoping for, Babylon A.D. was 5% fresh and this probably won’t be much better.

Brian: I’ve never seen an entire movie of this franchise, and wear that as a proud badge. As for something positive to say, at least they got Vin Diesel and Paul Walker back. And if those are the two stars you’ve been waiting for, then that tells how bad these movies really are.

Max Payne

Zach: What the fuck is going on in this trailer?  Did someone mix up footage from Constantine or something?  Meg Griffin is running around with a machine gun, wha?  I think this movie is going to be like 20 minutes longer than it normally would be because of all the slow motion going on.  I have a feeling this isn’t going to turn the tide of horrible video game movies.

Brian: Seems lately that Mark Wahlberg is the go-to action guy. Don’t know how I feel about that. He’s a fine actor, but we don’t want him going all Bruce Willis on us and drop a Hudson Hawk. This movie? Looks okay. Just as long as they don’t do bullet time ala the first person shooting in “Doom”.

Well, that’s it for now, be sure to come back soon for the season 3 premiere with our great 2008 Summer Movie Review.

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