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Season 3: Electric Boogaloo

Well, hope everyone had a good summer, we sure did.  As one last hurrah we reviewed most of the big blockbusters that came out this summer for our season 3 premiere, which happens to go up tomorrow!  Along with that are a bunch of new features so that something will be on the site everyday.  Here’s how it’s gonna go down.

Monday: A brand spanking new episode of the Kick Ass Movie podcast for your listening pleasure.

Tuesday: DVD Picks of the Week (Possibly games and TV too)

Wednesday: Bonus Videos for the episode

Thursday: Top 5 list related to the episode, or just something else that I can think of.

Friday: Movies coming out in theaters for the weekend and/or the Trailer Park.

Saturday: “I’d Buy that for a Dollar!” where I use my Movie Plot Generator to pitch a new movie idea to the internet.

Sunday: We’re not robots people, this is where I take a break and get ready for next week.

So there you go, something Kick Ass almost every day, and of course if something awesome news or video wise shows up we’ll be sure to post it up as well.  Come back tomorrow (9/8/08) for our season premiere, the “Summer ’08 Movie Review”.

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