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New Release Round Up 11/25

Posted on November 25, 2008 by

Kind of a slow week this week for DVDs and Video Games, probably because of Thanksgiving.  People are probably thinking about gorging on turkey and less on DVDs and Games, at least until Black Friday.  Let’s see what’s coming down the pipe.



A Colbert Christmas

Fred Claus

The Kingdom (Blu-Ray)

Pick of the Week- 24: Redemption

Jack is back and in Africa. After the events of day 6, Jack has been bumming around the world trying to disappear. He eventually ends up at his friend Carl’s school in Africa and eventually has to defend the boys from a warlord trying to build an army. Jon Voight shows up as one of the bad guys for season 7. Cherry Jones is the lady president and Tony “Rocketman” Todd is the evil warlord. Redemption had some great action and was a great set up for Season 7. Speaking of which, there’s a 17 minute preview of Season 7 on this Redemption DVD. You can get Redemption online at Hulu and Fox.com (or two posts below) but I would say it’s a good DVD to add to your collection if you’re a 24 fan.

Video Games

Sonic Unleashed

Chrono Trigger

Age of Empires: Mythology

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