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Episode 45: Rambo (First Blood Part 2)

all man, all action.Action stars come and go, but only a few actors are enshrined in our pantheon. One of the greatest: Sly Stallone as Vietnam vet Rambo. In “First Blood”, he became a nuisance for Brian Dennehy and had a bad-ass monologue on being a vet. In the sequel, he becomes the quintessential 80’s action hero; armed, ripped and ready to go. Freed from jail to help save POWs, Rambo’s mission is clear… until the mission leader Murdock pulls a double-cross and must face the wrath of Rambo. Good luck with that.

Brian and Zach compare the first two Rambo films, talk about the most awesome scene in the film, and shake their heads at horrible semi-racist stereotypes.

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