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Top 5: Less Successful Brothers

Sometimes it’s hard having siblings but try to have a brother who is a major movie star.  Here are five who have been trying to get out of their brothers’ shadows.

5. Randy Quaid


Famous Sibling: Dennis Quaid

Randy Quaid is probably the most successful brother on this list.  However, I would say that little brother Dennis has had more starring roles while Randy has been a character actor and “that guy”.  His most famous role is probably Cousin Eddie from the Vacation movies but the joke was kinda run into the ground until the horror that was Christmas Vacation 2: Cousin Eddie’s Island Adventure.  The other role he’s known for is crazy pilot Russell Casse in Independence Day where he convincingly played a drunk who got abducted by aliens.

4. Frank Stallone


Famous Sibling: Sylvester Stallone

Frank Stallone gets credit for trying to go in a different direction than his brother Sly.  Instead of acting Frank has been more interested in music.  However, the only songs I know of that he’s done are from Sly movies like “In This Country” from Over the Top and “Peace in our Life” from Rambo 2.  He also did most of the  soundtrack for Sly’s directing gig of Staying Alive.  Frank has done a number of small acting roles in TV and movies but he will always be a power ballad master at heart.

3. Clint Howard


Famous Sibling: Ron Howard

Clint Howard, like Randy Quaid above, has carved out a place as a “that guy”.  Clint has become the go to “crazy looking guy”.  However, he hasn’t had a really big role like a “Cousin Eddie” or anything, he’s had a bunch of smaller roles in TV and movies.  Compound this with the fact that his brother Ron has had sucessful acting and directing careers and Clint is in a little bit of a shadow.

2. William, Stephen and Daniel Baldwin


Famous Sibling: Alec Baldwin

There isn’t a bigger discrepancy (besides our number one) between the careers of Alec Baldwin and his brothers.  While he’s been nominated for Oscars and won Emmy’s his brothers have been in Sci Fi original movies and reality shows.  Billy Baldwin was in, the admittedly awesome, Backdraft but then had a number of smaller tv and movie roles.  I will give him credit for making fun of David Caruso in Forgetting Sarah Marshall.  Stephen Baldwin has become the master of the Sci Fi Original movie appearing in such classics as Harpies, Dark Storm, Earthstorm and The Snake King.  He’s was also in The Usual Suspects but that got negated by his role in Viva Rock Vegas.  As far as I can tell Daniel Baldwin just sort of hangs out until he needs to lose weight or get clean and then goes on a reality show.

1. Joe Estevez


Famous Sibling: Martin Sheen

Martin Sheen, beloved star of the West Wing and successful movie actor.  Brother Joe Estevez, has appeared on MST3K twice; in Werewolf he plays a worker for an archaeological dig who vanishes 2/3 into the movie with no explanation and in Soultaker as the angel of death who gets defeated by the poor man’s John Stamos and Kevin Bacon.  Looking through his IMDB page is the ultimate “wtf” experience.  He’s been in movies called Zombie Farm, Death Bed, Killa Zombies, San Franpsycho, Zombigeddon and Max Hell comes to Frogtown.  What any of those movies are is anybody’s guess, well except Death Bed which was the basis for a great Patton Oswalt comedy bit.  Joe Estevez is even less successful than his nephews Emilio Estevez and Charlie Sheen.

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