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Top 5: Fictional Government Agencies

By Zach

Sometimes the police, or even the FBI or CIA, are not enough to handle things, like for instance if aliens invade.  For times like that you need to call in one of these agencies to come kick ass and take names.

5. CONTROL (Get Smart)

CONTROL is an agency in Washington DC who work to protect us from the evil terrorist group KAOS.  Led by The Chief and Agents 86 and 99, CONTROL has been thwarting KAOS since 60’s.  CONTROL is a closely guarded secret with entrances all over Washington and to get in you need to get through at least 6 doors.  Agents of CONTROL are given a number of gadgets to help fight evil including a shoe phoe and the cone of silence.  CONTROL’s most recent mission has them stopping KAOS leader Siegfried from assassinating the President in Los Angeles and stopping a mole in their organization.  Sounds similar to another organization on the list.

4. Third Echelon

Third Echelon is probably the fictional organization that is most likely to exist.  A sub-branch of the NSA, Third Echelon specializes in intelligence, assassination and other espionage related activites.  They rely on their “Splinter Cells”, lone agents who infiltrate areas undetected.  Their top agent is probably Sam Fisher who has stopped a number of terrorist plots in Georgia, Indonesia and East Asia.  Third Echelon is on the cutting edge of gadgets including micro cameras, various vision modes built into their agents goggles and the SC-20K assault rifle, which fires non lethal stun pads, airfoils and the micro cameras in addition to regular ammunition.


During World War 2 Rasputin, with the aide of Hitler, tried to use black magic to help defeat the Allies.  Rasputin attempted to open a dimensional rift to unleash ancient creatures called the Ogdru Jahad to destroy the Earth.  He was stopped by a US army force and only one creature came through, an infant demon they called Hellboy.  After the war Dr. Trevor Bruttenholm and Hellboy joined the US’s newly formed Bureau for Paranormal Research and Defense.  Their mission is stop any paranormal threats, such as evil Elf princes, evil frogs, demons and anything else that might pop up.  Other agents at the BPRD include the amphibious Abe Sapian, Liz Sherman, who controls fire, and the spirit of Johann Krauss, expert in ectoplasmic phenonemmon and the beleaguered Thomas Manning has replaced Dr. Bruttenholm as director.

2. CTU

CTU, or the Counter Terrorist Agency, would normally be number one but I realized that without Jack Bauer and Chloe O’Brian it is basically one of the most incompetant government agencies ever.  Founded sometime after 9/11, CTU is charged with dealing with all manner of terrorist threats in the United States.  The main office is in Washington D.C. with field offices across the states, even one in Alaska.  The busiest office had to be Los Angeles, which had to deal with at least 6 major terrorist attacks.  However, most of these attacks had to be taken of care of almost single handedly by Jack Bauer as CTU was either being attacked, dealing with a mole or just not listening to Jack.  In the end they’ve stopped an attempt on President David Palmer’s life, a spread of deadly disease and only let two nuclear bombs go off but they’ve still been disbanded by the Senate.

1. S.H.I.E.L.D.

SHIELD or the Strategic Hazard Intevention Espionage Logistics Directorate is a major force in the Marvel universe.  Founded by the United Nations after World War II and headed by Nick Fury, SHIELD helped stop various threats against the Earth including invading Skrull, rampaging super villains and even Godzilla. SHIELD has a huge budget and had advanced weaponry including their flying base the Helicarrier.  After Nick Fury conducted an unauthorized invasion of Latveria he resigned and a number of warrants were out for him.  SHIELD agent Maria Hill was given command until near the end of the Civil War when Tony “Iron Man” Stark was given command since he was in charge of the pro-government side of the conflict.  After the recent Secret Invasion by the Skrull, Tony was on the run and, because a large amount of personnel turned out to be Skrulls, the government reorganizes SHIELD and puts it in command of Norman Osbourne, which would be fine if he wasn’t a) insane and b) The Green Goblin.  So the SHIELD of the regular Marvel universe is kinda screwed but over in the Ultimate universe SHIELD is headed up by basically Samuel L Jackson and they’re in charge of the Avengers aka Ultimates so everything seems cool right now.

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