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New Release Round Up: 1/6

By Zach

Welcome to the first New Release Round Up of 2009.  Unfortunately it’s a little lackluster but things should start picking up again pretty soon.  Let’s see what’s out.


Pineapple Express

Battlestar Galactica Season 4

Bangkok Dangerous (Nicholas Cage Hair Threat Level is at “Next”)

The Tudors Season 2

Righteous Kill

Babylon A.D.

Video Games (Nothing significant coming out this week)


Pick of the Week: 24 Season 7

Jack is back and hopefully recovered from the awful season six. Redemption was good and the previews for Season 7 have been looking awesome so I’m cautiously optimistic. Jon Voight looks to be one of the main bad guys this season along with our old friend Tony Almeida, who we last saw getting “killed” by Robocop. Now Tony is bald and evil and looks to want to do something bad to the Internet. Also CTU is disbanded and we’ve moved to D.C. Check out the 4 hour premiere on Sunday 1/11 and Monday 1/12 on Fox.

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