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Top 10: Jack’s Best Kills

By Zach


Jack Bauer is one hell of a BAMF.  Over six and a half years he’s saved us from nuclear bombs, biological attacks and prevented assassinations and he’s left an impressive trail of bodies in his wake.  Here are 10 of his coolest and/or most important kills on 24.

10. “Commando” Knife Attack

Season: Redemption

Jack is protecting his friend Robert’s school from an attack by the evil General Juma’s troops.  After dispatching a bunch of goons with guns, Jack takes a guy out with a knife around the corner that’s straight out of the John Matrix playbook.  He then proceeds to stalk some guys in the jungle a la Rambo.

9. Christopher Henderson

Season: 5

After evading capture at least 3 times over the course of Day 5 Jack finally corners his former mentor Christopher Henderson on top of a submarine.  Henderson and Jack stopped Vladmir Bierko from using the subs warheads on several US cities.  However, Henderson pulls a gun on Jack after Bierko is stopped.  After a standoff Henderson pulls the trigger only to find that Jack gave him an empty gun.  Jack then takes revenge for David Palmer, Michelle Dessler and Tony Almeida by killing Henderson.

8. Ryan Chappelle

Season: 3

An important kill for Jack as it showed how far he was willing to go to protect the country.  Terrorist Stephen Saunders demands that CTU Director Ryan Chappelle be killed or he will release a deadly virus onto Los Angeles.  After trying to find Saunders up till the last minute and failing Jack has to kill Ryan when Ryan can’t do it himself.  Saunder’s goons then show up in a van and take Ryan’s body.  Chappelle was a douche but he probably didn’t deserve to get killed.

7. Scissors to the neck

Season: 5

After helping defuse a terrorist attack on an airport Jack is brought to CTU for debriefing and medical attention.  Unfortunately the real CTU doc is killed by “Hank” here and Jack is next on the list.  After some intense CQC Hank has Jack in a neck lock but Jack spies some scissors that were knocked onto the ground.  As you can see above Jack proceeds to own Hank.

6. Flare Gun

Season: 2

Jack and co. are transporting Nina back from one of her underworld contacts who supposedly has information on terrorist Syed Ali. Being Jack, nothing can go smoothly and the plane they’re on is hit by a rocket.  Jack and Nina and another agent (who is severely injured) survive the crash.  Some soldiers arrive that Jack initially thinks is help.  When they kill the other agent Jack knows something is up.  The only weapon around is a flare gun from the plane but Jack could kill someone with a marshmallow so of course he kills one of the evil soldiers with the flare.

5. Vampire Bite

Season: 6

Fresh from Chinese prison Jack is turned over to a group of terrorists because Jack killed their leader Abu Fayed’s brother. They plan on torturing and then killing him.  Jack doesn’t take something like that lying down and taps into his dormant “Lost Boy” skills and rips out his guards throat with his teeth.  Unfortunately this was about the high point of season six as it went severly downhill after this.

4. Marshell Goren

Season: 2

At the start of season 2 Jack is in pretty rough shape.  He’s got a hobo beard and his days consist of creepily stalking Kim as she babysits.  Duty calls however when CTU learns that the threat of nuclear bomb is possibly linked to a gang that Jack used to be undercover with.  To gain the current whereabouts of the gang George Mason brings in Marshell Goren.  Goren is a federal witness who is going to testify against the gang leader Eddie Grant.  He’s also a child pornographer and creep.  Jack takes a slightly different approach to questioning and just shoots Goren in the chest.  With George freaking out Jack growls out one of his best lines ever with “I’m gonna need a hacksaw.”

3. A long time coming: Nina

Season: 3

Nina is one of 24’s most notorious villains.  She killed Teri Bauer at the end of Day 1, escaped custody after almost killing Jack in Day 2 and was captured after a shoot out in Mexico in Day 3.  While in questioning Nina fakes a seizure and tries to escape CTU yet again.  With Kim in danger Jack tracks Nina down.  After shooting her to disarm her, Jack stands in front of the security camera to block the view of Nina’s hands and says, “You don’t have anymore useful information do you Nina?”.  He then unloads almost a clip and finally ends their back and forth conflict.

2. The Wall Run Neck Break

Season: 2

Near the end of Day 2 Jack has been killed and brought back to life and is bringing uber bitch Sheri Palmer to meet big bad Peter Kingsley at a sporting arena.  After taking out a bunch with a sniper rifle Jack heads down to grab Sheri and take out Kingsley.  He gets intercepted by one of Kingsley’s goons and they proceed to have some crazy CQC fighting.  They end up in one of the arena’s bleacher entrance ways.  Jack grabs the goon in a headlock and runs along one of the walls and breaks the goons neck in mid-air.  You really need to see it to believe it:


1. Victor Drazen

Season: 1

It turns out that Day 1 was all an attempt at revenge by Serbian baddie Victor Drazen and his sons to get revenge on Jack and Senator David Palmer for their involvement in Operation: Nightshade, an attempt to kill Drazen for his genocidal acts in Bosnia.  Drazen and his sons want Jack to walk into an ambush at their dockside warehouse and they figure the best way to do this is to have their mole Nina Myers tell Jack that his daughter Kim has been killed by them.  What they should have expected is that this news turns Jack into an unstoppable killing machine.  He rams a van straight into their warehouse and proceeds to rampage through all the goons, killing the Drazen sons and chasing Victor to the docks.  Victor attempts to escape but seeing Jack’s warpath tries to surrender.  Jack is having none of it and proceeds to unload an entire clip and then some into Drazen, who ends up floating in the harbor.  It turns out Kim was fine but god help everyone if something ever happened to her.

(Thanks to www.bauercount.com for the screenshots)

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