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New Release Round Up 1/20

Hey everyone.  Apparentley there’s some sort of big hulabaloo going on in Washington today but we’re more concerned with the new releases coming out today.


Max Payne

Repo: The Genetic Opera

The Express

City of Ember

Saw V


King Kong (Blu Ray)

Brian’s Pick of the Week: The Machinist

Great film, buoyed by a superb performance by Christian Bale, who practically starved himself to get the role. He lost a total of 62 pounds to drop to 120. Talk about a dedicated actor.

Video Games:

Skate 2


Zach’s Pick of the Week: Lost Season 5

Although Brian could care less he is definitely in the minority as the rest of us have been foaming at the mouth for new Lost since last year.  If you’re thinking that it’s too late to watch ABC has made this helpful video that will get you up to speed with the important stuff:


The premiere event starts on 1/21 at 8pm on ABC and should be a recap special and then the actual premiere.

Fringe is also back tonight.

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