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Top 5: Worst (Fictional) Companies to Work For

By Zach


Working at a company like Initech would definitely be a drag but the worst that could happen is boredom and possible carpal tunnel.  However, if you work at any of the following companies you might want to invest heavily in the company’s life insurance policy.

5. Oceanic Air

Oceanic Air is an airline that must have been built on an indian burial ground or something because the company is obviously cursed.  Working in PR would be a nightmare as planes are constantly crashing, getting hijacked by terrorists, having biological attacks unleashed on them, etc.   The pilots and flight crews should really be getting some sort of hazard pay, if they survive their trips.


INGEN doesn’t seem like a bad place to work at first.  Your CEO is like a nice grandpa who likes dinosaurs and you get to be on the cutting edge of DNA manipulation.  It’s great until a Velociraptor disembowels you with its foot or a T-Rex swallow you alive.  Maybe John Hammond should have made Dodos like he mentioned instead.

3. Omni Consumer Products

OCP is your typical futuristic, evil corporation.  They manufacture a wide range of products, so you have variety.  On the other hand, product testing will probably kill you:


If ED-209 doesn’t kill you then Robocop or the collateral damage resulting from him probably will.  Also your boss is literally a “Dick” (Jones)

2. Weyland-Yutani Corp.

Weyland Yutani is in charge of setting up colonies on other planets.  If you work for them you are going to be killed by either an Alien or a Predator or in the rare case both. (Lance Henriksen says hi).  They also seem to have an android problem as they seem to frequently malfunction.  If getting attacked by a face hugger and having your stomach explode seems like fun than by all means get a job at Weyland Yutani, your cocoon is waiting!

1. Umbrella Corporation

What isn’t wrong with Umbrella corporation?  The company single handedly caused multiple zombie outbreaks, unleashed super powered monstrosities like Nemesis onto the world and basically seemed to be a portal to hell.  They created not just one zombie virus but two, have their own kill squads and the executives routinely tried to kill each other.  The only solution to stop the Raccoon City outbreak they caused was to nuke the city so obviously they won’t be winning an enviromental awards.  If you’re looking for a short career in bioengineering look no farther.

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