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New Release Round Up: Street Fighting!

By Zach


Big gaming week this week as Street Fighter IV comes out for both the 360 and PS3 and there’s a crapload of controllers and fighting sticks to accompany it.  There’s other games and DVDs as well plus Conan’s last late night show and the Oscars.




Flash of Genius



Midnight Meat Train

Pick of the Week: Body of Lies

Ridley Scott brings us another great thriller with Body of Lies. Leonardo DiCaprio is a CIA agent trying to uncover a terrorist cell in the Middle East and Russell Crowe is his conniving boss. There’s some great action scenes and great performances from not just Crowe and DiCaprio but also Marc Strong as the head of Jordan Intelligence.

Video Games:

Street Fighter IV

GTA IV: Lost and the Damned

Dawn of War II

Race Pro


Late Night with Conan O’Brien Finale

The 81 Academy Awards

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