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Top 5 Movie Music Videos


Movies and music are like peanut butter and chocolate so it makes sense when you feature a song in movie to make a music video based on the movie.  Here are 5 of the best movie based music videos.

5. Snakes on a Plane (Bring it)- Snakes on a Plane


I will fully admit that the song is laughably bad but I’m hoping it was intentional like the movie was.  Also how can we not include this when it opens with Samuel L Jackson’s famous quote about some certain reptiles and the man himself shows up in the middle of the video.  Also the chorus includes the line, “I can see the venom in your eyes.” Genius.

4. Iron Eagle (Never Say Die)- Iron Eagle


Moving on to a different kind of snake we have the hairtastic band King Kobra with the title song from Iron Eagle.  The video features the band going into an intense training regime under the hard assed command of Lou Gossett Jr.  The song is classic 80’s but the best part of the video is not even the singing, it’s Lou Gossett berating the band during interludes.  During one interlude one of the band members asks if Gossett Jr. thinks they’re machines and Chappy with responds, “Exactly what you gotta be if you want to fly!”

3. The Dream Warriors- Nightmare on Elm Street 3: The Dream Warriors


Every music video should be as epic as this one.  Patricia Arquette reprises her role as Kristen from Elm Street 3 where she lead a band of psychic kids into battle against Freddy Krueger.  Here she’s having a nightmare of entering a creepy house, all the while being stalked by Freddy.  She resuces a little girl but runs into Dokken and is understandably scared.  The little girl turns into a skeleton and Patricia wakes up.  She goes back to sleep and is back in the creepy house.  All of a sudden the entire band bursts out of the walls and through the ceiling.  At first Patricia is scared but is won over by a bitching guitar solo.  Afterwards the band faces the real enemy, Freddy.  Using the pure power of rock they kick Freddy’s ass and just when you think he’s going to be defeated it’s revealed that it was Freddy’s nightmare the entire time.

2.  Ninja Rap- TMNT II: The Secret of the Ooze


Vanilla Ice shows what kind of lyrical prowess he has when he makes up this song on the spot when the Turtles brawl with mutants Toka and Rahzor spills into the nightclub he’s perfoming in.  He also manages to come up with a dance for it as well. The actual scene in the movie featured the Turtles fighting the mutants and such but here it’s almost exclusively the Ice Man.  The Turtles show up to bust some moves, most of the time in slow motion.  There’s also an almost comfortable amount of pelvic thrusts into microphones. Go, Ninja, Go, Ninja, Go!

1. Top Gun Anthem- Top Gun


It’s a tough call between the Top Gun music videos but ultimately Berlin’s video is weird and depressing and Kenny Loggins’ features him in a hotel room with an ungodly amount of five o’clock shadow so it’s kind of disturbing.  What isn’t disturbing is how awesome the video for the Top Gun anthem.  Keyboard master Harold Faltermayer is all business as he drops the sensitive side of the songe while Steve Stevens rocks out looking like a transvestite from the future.  The video opens with some clips from the movie and then the rest of the video takes place in an aircraft hangar (with short clips here and there).  Steve Stevens shows off tons of great guitar moves and he plays half the song with the guitar straight up and down over his head.  He’s also the only person I’ve seen to rock out on the wing of jet.

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