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New Release Round Up 3/10

By Zach


Man, a ton of stuff is coming out this week so let’s get right into it.


Batman Collection (Blu Ray)

Pinocchio 70th Anniversary


South Park Season 12

Transporter 3

Let the Right One In

Cadillac Records

“Because No One Demanded It!” Howard the Duck Special Edition

Pick of the Week: Role Models

Judging from the trailers you might think this movie was terrible but it’s actually hilarious. Paul Rudd and Sean William Scott are great as energy drink salesmen turned mentors due to some legal troubles and they have a bunch of great back and forth moments. Also, where else are you going to find a movie featuring both LARPing and Kiss as main plot points? There’s a great supporting cast as well and it’s highly recommended from both Brian and I.

Video Games

Resident Evil 5


Mario Power Tennis

Trivial Pursuit

Samurai Shodown Anthology

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