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Top 5: Chris Farley SNL Sketches


Chris Farley will easily go down as one of the top SNL cast members of all time since he’s given us such hilarious sketches and characters.  Here are our picks for his five best.

5. Herlihy Boy House Sitting Service

While Farley and Spade may have been the dynamic duo of the big screen, Farley and Sandler were an awesome pair on the small screen. They had a number of great sketches, including the Zagat’s couple, but this one is underrated and completely hilarious. Sandler plays the Herlihy Boy, a house sitter who gets more needy and desperate as the sketch goes on. Farley plays, possibly, his father and gets more and more pissed off as the sketch goes on, “FOR THE LOVE OF GOD, LET THE BOY SLEEP IN YOUR BED!”

4. Chippendales

Swayze, Farley, “Working for the Weekend”, what else is there to say?

3. Bennett Brauer

He may not have been “the norm” or “camera friendly” but Bennet Brauer was “hilarious”. Almost every cast member had some weekend update segment or character and Chris Farley brought his angry, quote happy, commentator Bennet Brauer to the ring to talk about, well, I’m not really sure if he ever had a point.

2. The Chris Farley Show

Remember that time Chris Farley had his own show? Yeah, that was awesome. According to the cast this was the closest to the real Chris Farly, a sweet and nervous guy who was always humbled by the stars who came through. On this episode Chris talks to Jeff Daniels about some of his movies like Something Wild and Purple Rose of Cairo.

1. Matt Foley: Motivational Speaker

The ultimate showcase of Chris Farly’s genius physical comedy was Matt Foley, the world’s worst motivational speaker. Getting jacked up on coffee before a presentation, Foley would talk about how much his life sucked including “living in a van down by the river.” God forbid there was any furniture in the area because it would probably be destroyed soon after the speech started. Although there were a few sketches with Foley, nothing beats the first time where Foley has to straighten out some pot smoking teens.

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