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New Release Round Up 4/21: Ram Jam

By Zach


Pretty good week in terms of DVDs.  A couple of Oscar Nominees, some TV shows and mutants galore.  Let’s dive in, shall we?



My Own Worst Enemy Complete Series



Freakazoid Season 2

Sin City (Blu Ray)

X-Men Trilogy (Blu Ray)

Hellraiser (Blu Ray)

Pick of the Week: The Wrestler

Personally I feel that Mickey Rourke got robbed at the Oscars this year because he is brilliant as Randy “The Ram” Robinson. It’s the story of how everything outside the ring is falling apart for Randy but when he’s inside it, he still feels like a superstar. There’s some intense wrestling scenes, including a bloody hardcore match-up, some cameos from famous wrestlers and great supporting peformances from Marisa Tomei (who’s naked most of the movie which is always a plus) and Evan Rachel Wood.

Video Games

Excitebots Trick Racing

Dynasty Warriors Gundam 2

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