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New Release Round Up 4/28

By Zach


I would say that this week is an average week for new releases.  Nothing spectacular is coming out but there’s some interesting things you might want to investigate.


American Dad Vol. 4

X-Men Vol 1:

X-Men Vol. 2:

The Uninvited:

Star Trek: The Original Series Season 1

The Da Vinci Code: Extended Cut (Blu Ray)

Pick of the Week: JCVD

Jean Claude Van Damme shows that he actually has some acting chops in JCVD. He plays semi-realistic version of himself as he’s engaged in a bitter custody battle and trying to still get good acting roles. While heading back to his hometown to visit the bank he gets caught up in a bank heist and the plot thickens. Van Damme manages to kick some ass but it’s really more of a heist movie/look at Van Damme’s career. He has an amazing monologue in the middle where he talks about his regrets and what he wishes he had been able to do. If you’re a fan of Van Damme like we are then you should definitely check this out to get another side of the Muscles from Brussels.

Video Games

X-Men Origins: Wolverine

Velvet Assassin

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