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E3 Mania!

By Zach


Last week was the big gaming extravaganza E3 or the Electronic Entertainment Expo.  The big companies all revealed some awesome looking games and here are a few that caught our atttention.

Star Wars: The Old Republic

A completely ridiculous trailer that is pretty much better than most anything seen in the prequels. The game is going to be an MMO like World of Warcraft except of elves, dwarves and the like you’re going to be able to be bounty hunters, Jedi, Sith and more.

Splinter Cell: Conviction

Sam Fisher is back from a quite lengthy hiatus and it seems like nothing has gone right. He abandoned the super secret NSA group Third Echelon to go find and avenge the murder of his daughter Sarah. Someone at Ubisoft has definitely seen some 24 or Taken or Commando because Sam is showing no qualms about torturing dudes for information. One of the neater aspects of the game they showed in gameplay is the fact that important flashbacks or information shows up projected on the walls and mission objectives appear in the environment a la Fringe or Star Trek. The icing on the cake is having Michael Ironside back as the voice of Sam.

Super Mario Galaxy 2

Mario is back on the Wii times two. First up he’s back in the above game, which is a sequel to the plumber’s first adventure on the Wii. Looks to be keeping up the same gravity defying, planet jumping action seen in the first one but now Yoshi is in the mix. The second game for Mario is New Super Mario Bros. Wii which is a classic 2D side scroller but with up to 4 players playing cooperatively or competitively.

Assassin’s Creed 2

Assassin’s Creed was a pretty divisive game, some loved it and some hated it. Whatever your view it did really well and the sequel is on it’s way. The first game was set during the Crusades and your character went around performing assassinations on various nobles and the like. This time the game is set in Renaissance Italy and you continue the tradition of killing targets but you also get help from famous friends like Leonardo Da Vinci. The trailer looks pretty cool and hopefully it fixes some of the issues from the first game (like being too repetitive).

Metroid: Other M

Nintendo is handing off one of their biggest franchises to Team Ninja, the guys who made Ninja Gaiden, among others. This seems like an awesome idea because I would love to play a darker toned Metroid in 3rd person with combos and over the top kills. Not too much information from the trailer but it looked like some 3rd person and 1st person mixed together and a more involved story than any other Metroid. It raises the question though of where’s the Star Fox remake?

Modern Warfare 2

Everyone loved the first game and this new one looks to keep up the standard. MW2 looks to feature some more varied locations like the Arctic and underwater and some crazy vehicle sections like a snowmobile chase. Nothing has been said about multiplayer yet but you’d better believe it’s going to be in there.

God of War III

God of War I and II are some of my favorite games of all time. Epic scale and bloody, visceral combat combined with one of the most bad ass heroes in gaming with Kratos. God of War III is looking like it could up the ante in all areas. In the gameplay demo at E3 they were showing Kratos eviscerating a centaur and actually pulling intestines out and cutting down a Chimera piece by piece. The story so far is that Kratos killed Ares and became the new god of war but was becoming too powerful and was tricked by Zeus and lost all of his power. Kratos then teamed up with the Titans and at the end of II began a siege of Olympus. It’s definitely one of the best stories in gaming and hopefully they have an end worthy of the franchise.

Batman: Arkham Asylum

Coming out at the end of summer, Arkham Asylum looks like it’s going to kick ass. It’s a stealth action game in the vein of Splinter Cell but you’re controlling the Dark Knight himself as he attempts to retake Arkham Asylum from the Joker. Besides looking awesome graphically and control wise the game also feature the cast of The Animated Series which is a huge plus. Mark Hamill is easily one of the best Jokers and Kevin Conroy was fantastic as Batman. Plus who else can play Harley Quinn but Arleen Sorkin?


Ghostbusters III might start production this winter but in a couple of weeks you can see what a sequel might be like with the Ghostbusters video game. Most of the cast is back and Harold Ramis and Dan Akroyd co-wrote the script. It looks like you’re going to face off against some classic ghosts like Stay Puft, The Librarian and Slimer and also a bunch of new ghosts. I’ve heard some mixed reviews but hopefully it escapes the movie game curse of being awful.

If you saw something and want to talk about it let us know in the comments.

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