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More Video Game Movies on the Way.

Posted on June 26, 2009 by

uncharted-2If there’s one genre of movie that hasn’t really taken off it’s movies based on video games.  Mortal Kombat 1 and Resident Evil 1 are usually highlighted as being the best (we love us some Street Fighter here at EA) but the rest have not been that spectacular to say the least.  It doesn’t help that most of them were directed by hack Uwe Boll.  All this hasn’t deterred Columbia from starting work on a video game based on the PS3 exclusive Uncharted: Drake’s Fortune.  The game features adventurer Nathan Drake searching for the lost city of El Dorado, dealing with traps and pirates along the way.  The game already featured a summer blockbusteresque plot and great voice acting so it shouldn’t be too hard to turn it into a movie.

The Uncharted movie is being written by Kyle Ward.  Ward also wrote the script for a movie adaptation of the game Kane and Lynch, a Heatesque action/crime game.  He is also set to write a script for Hitman 2.  Yes, you heard right, a sequel to the absolutely atrocious Hitman.  I don’t remember that movie making that much movie but apparently it made enough to warrant a sequel.  No word on whether Timothy Olyphant will be back as Agent 47 but I kind of hope not as he was not the slighest bit intimidating or believable as the bald assassin.



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