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Battle at the Box Office 8/10

By Zach


No surprises here as GI Joe took the top spot at the box office this weekend with $56.2 million, which apparently puts it more in line with Vin Diesel’s XXX then it’s Transforming cousins. Counter Programming seemed to work this weekend as Julie and Julia came in second place with a little over $20 million. The other new release, A Perfect Getaway, came in seventh with just about $5.8 million. Meanwhile, the epic battle between guinea pigs and wizards continues to rage as the two swapped places again with G-Force going to third and Harry Potter going to fourth. Last week’s number one, Funny People, dropped down to fifth. Finally, as it continues to add theaters, (500) Days of Summer moved into the top ten and Transformers and The Hangover finally moved out of it.

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