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Trailer Park: Septemberific

By Zach

Lots of good stuff coming up in August like tomorrow’s District 9 and next week’s Inglorious Basterds but September is looking pretty good as well. Here’s some trailers and our thoughts about some of the stuff coming out next month.



Zach:  In the future people will control over people in video games, and everything will still be shooters.  Nothing too exciting about this one but it could be fun in a Death Race or Running Man kind of way.  Michael C. Hall looks like he’s having fun as the insane host of the game and when Gerard Butler isn’t making romantic comedies he’s usually a bad ass.

Brian: I appreciate the return of the directing one-two punch that is Neveldine/Taylor (Crank, Crank 2) but I’m just not loving this trailer. It gives me “Wanted” vibes. But like Zach said, good to see Gerard Butler in an action film again. I’m holding my judgment on this movie though.



Zach: Another graphic novel based movie, Whiteout is about a US Marshall who has to investigate a murder in Antarctica.  It looks like it could be a decent thriller and Antarctica is underrepresented as far as movie go. (The Thing says hi)

Brian: Seems like “The Thing” meets “Sphere”, so… mixed? Looks like it could provide some decent thrills but I’m just not sold yet. Also, lots of snow. And blue.



Zach:  Only Tim Burton could think up living sack dolls who must fight off marauding robotic animals.  The movie looks gorgeous and has a great voice cast including Elijah Wood, John C. Reilly, Jennifer Connelly, Martin Landau and Crispin Glover.  I could live without the Coheed and Cambria at the end but otherwise it looks extremely interesting and I might have to go check it out.

Brian: That Coheed and Cambria song is so overused, but I have a soft spot for it in trailers if it’s used to hype up bad-ass action. (Which it does in this case.) I wasn’t expecting much from the start of the trailer but this looks like an exciting thrill ride. Can’t argue with this voice cast either.



Zach:  What else can you say except it’s Mike Judge and I don’t think he’s ever steered us wrong before so I’m expecting this to be just as hilarious as everything else he’s done.  I’m glad that this is actually getting promoted and in more than 4 theaters, unlike the criminally mishandled Idiocracy.  Also, how can you go wrong with Jason Bateman?

Brian: Ew, Affleck. Oh well. I’ll stomach his turn as the goofy “stoner” friend because I like the rest of the cast. Trailer has some good laughs, but I didn’t bust out until Jason’s little smoke up at the end. Hilarious. Mike Judge has proven himself to be a very funny guy, and I don’t see this movie being any different. At least they’re giving it a chance in theaters.

The Informant!


Zach: So apparently Matt Damon can kick ass and also be hilarious, he’s a double threat!  This movie looks awesome and has kind of Coen brothers feel to it, Lebowski Coen brothers not “kill everyone with a cattle gun” Coen brothers.  With Steven Soderbergh directing and Joel McHale and Scott Bakula co-starring hopefully it’s able to deliver.

Brian: If the movie is as funny as the trailer, deal me in. Damon’s nerdy little goofball executive is amusing, and this movie seems like a bunch of smart slapstick. I’ve trusted Soderburgh before, “Traffic” and “Ocean’s Eleven” are excellent. But it’s good to see him move to a straight up comedy for a change. Could be good or great.

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