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“Kick Ass” gets a Studio

One of the things that caused quite a buzz at Comic Con this year was some footage from the upcoming comic adaptation Kick Ass.  Based on the comic series by Mark Millar and pretty much completely funded by producer Matthew Vaughn, it tells the story of teenager David Lizewski who is obsessed with superheroes and decides to become one himself, only to get almost killed in his first fight.  Eventually he trains and learns how to fight and becomes a YouTube/MySpace sensation named Kick-Ass  and finds other people being vigilantes, like the 11 year old assassin Hit Girl.  The movie stars British actor Aaron Johnson as Kick Ass, Christopher Mintz Plasse as Red Mist, Kick Ass’ crime fighting partner, Chloe Moretz as Hit Girl and Nicolas Cage as her father.  Mark Strong will be one of the main villains.

At Comic Con the movie didn’t have a studio attached so it was feared that the movie might never come out but after a bidding war Lionsgate is going to be releasing the movie sometime next year.

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