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More “Expendables” News!

Posted on August 19, 2009 by

the_expendables_movie_posterMore news came out this week about probably one of our most anticipated movies of 2010, The Expendables.  First up is that Bruce Willis confirmed that he’s going to be in the movie and what his role is.  Willis is going to play Mr. Church, the man who hires the Expendables for their mission into South America.  Willis also confirmed that Arnold is going to have a cameo in the movie as well as retired a Lieutenant General of the Expendables.  A new promo video came out for the movie as well.  It’s mainly just to promote UFC 102, since Randy Couture is in The Expendables and he’s fighting in the event next Saturday.  Still, there’s some footage from the movie in it and hopefully a trailer or something comes out fairly soon.  Keep checking out the site for everything Expendables.



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