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The Wolfman Trailer

By Zach

Zach: Another big trailer released today, The Wolfman remake, directed by Joe Johnston and starring Benicio Del Toro. It’s rest of the cast is great too with Anthony Hopkins, Hugo Weaving and Emily Blunt. I think it looks good, definitely has the same kind of vibe as the original and the special effects are looking good. Also it’s refreshing to see just a werewolf as opposed to vampires and/or vampires fighting werewolves. The only question I really have is does this werewolf have nards?

Brian: Monster Squad reference, nice Zach. I’m digging the cast, the old school horror, and… Hugo Weaving’s facial hair. All that aside, this looks to be an intriguing movie that certainly has my attention. Whether or not it will be good remains to be seen.

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