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Battle at the Box Office 9/28


Flint Lockwood and his crazy food making machine held onto the top spot this weekend, pulling in another $26.4 million. Coming in at second was Bruce Willis’ new movie Surrogates, based on a fantastic graphic novel, with $15 million which is on the low end for Willis movies. Experts are blaming Surrogates ad campaign which focused more on the setting of the future world then on characters or plot. Another of the new movies, Fame, came in at third with a little over $10 million. The final new movie, Pandorum, didn’t benefit from having no one know it was coming out until a week before. It debuted at sixth place with a little over $4.4 million. The Informant and Tyler Perry each moved two spots to fourth and fifth respectively. At the bottom of the top ten Jennifer’s Body and 9 are looking ready to fall of the cliff as both had 50% drop offs from the last week and wound up in eighth and ninth. Inglourious Basterds jammed it’s knife into the top ten and is refusing to drop off, it held onto number ten with $2.7 million and it’s domestic gross is almost $115 million. I guess business really is booming.

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