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Real Men of Action: John Kruger

Posted on September 30, 2009 by


  • Name: John Kruger
  • Occupation: U.S. Marshall for Witness Protection
  • Family: Unknown
  • Allies: Dr. Lee Cullen, Johnny Casteleone and the Jersey dock workers union/mafia
  • Enemies: Robert Degeurin, Undersecretary of Defense Daniel Harper, Sergei Petrofsky
  • Weapon(s) of Choice: Glock 17, Desert Eagle, Railgun
  • Body Count: 29
  • Catchphrase: “You’ve just been Erased”

Marshall John Kruger is a lot like a magician in that he makes people disappear.  However, unlike a magician, instead of curtains and mirrors he prefers to use explosives and dead bodies.

He puts this method to use when he comes to the rescue of mafia whistle blower Johnny Casteleone.  Just before he’s about to get whacked, Kruger infiltrates the house like a ninja and takes down the assassins.  He then reveals his plan of making it look like Johnny and his girlfriend were killed by the assassins, who then turned on each other and accidentally blew up the house.

Kruger’s next client is Dr. Lee Cullen, who has information about illegal arms sales going on at Cyrez corporation.  Cyrez is manufacturing highly advanced railguns, that fire bullets at almost the speed of light using magnets, and plans on selling them to the highest bidder.  Lee refuses the protection but later regrets it when she is attacked at her house by thugs with railguns.  Luckily, Kruger arrives as a balloon courier and gets her out just in time, and also blows up her house.

Kruger decides to hide Lee off the grid and leaves her in Chinatown with a former witness.  He then meets with his mentor Robert Degeurin and learns that witnesses are being killed and that there must be a mole in the agency.  Kruger and Degeurin head out to rescue one of Degeurin’s witnesses and dispatch of all the assassins but, unbeknown to Kruger, Degeurin is the mole and kills his witness to hide it.  They then drug Kruger on the flight back and kill a rookie agent to make it look like Kruger is the mole.  Kruger managed to get a signal to Lee who runs to their meeting spot in the Central Park Zoo.

Kruger wakes up and a firefight breaks out on the plane, resulting in Kruger jumping out without a parachute, but managing to catch up to one mid free fall.  He is almost run over by the 747 but shoots out the plane’s windshield, causing the pilots to dodge out of the way.

Kruger lands in a junkyard and immediately heads to Central Park Zoo, just in time to rescue Lee, who was pinned down in the reptile house.  With only two bullets left, Kruger breaks a tank containing alligators, who proceed to eat a number of Degeurin’s goons.  With his last bullet, Kruger has to kill one of the alligators trying to eat him and he and Lee escape during the confusion.

Kruger and Lee decide they need to get evidence of the Cyrez deal in order to bring down Degeurin and they enlist Johnny Casteleone to help them break into Cyrez.  Johnny fakes a seizure and Lee and Kruger sneak in as paramedics.  They break into the system and find out that a huge shipment of railguns is going to be sold to Russian terrorist Sergei Petrofsky that night.  In their attempt to escape, Lee is captured by Degeurin and Kruger is stuck behind fire doors.  Kruger and Johnny enlist the help of Johnny’s cousin, who is the head of the dock workers union and probably mafia related as well.  The union guys cause a distraction while Kruger attempts to rescue Lee and stop the shipment.

Kruger is spotted however and forced to flee into a nearby warehouse.  Snipers with railguns attempt to take him out but he hides beneath the floorboards.  When a couple of goons come in to search, Kruger bursts out of the floor and takes them out and then proceeds to lay waste to Degeurin’s men with a pair of railguns.  Degeurin holds Lee hostage and he and Kruger have a final battle on top of a shipping container while the union guys kill Sergei and his men.  While Degeurin tries to scramble for a loose gun, Kruger breaks the chains hold the container and both men fall with it, while Lee holds onto a ladder.

Kruger survives the fall with little injury and finds Degeurin under a pile of rubble, still alive, and Degeurin still tries to shoot Kruger, even though he’s injured.  Witness Protection Chief Beller arrives by helicopter and takes Degeurin into custody.  It’s later revealed that Degeurin was in a conspiracy with a number of men, including the Undersecretary of Defense, Daniel Harper.  However, there is a good chance they will be convicted so Kruger decides to enact his own form of justice and eliminates Degeurin and the others by locking them in a limo parked on some train tracks that just so happen to have a train heading towards them.

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