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24 Season 8 Trailer


Jack Bauer just cannot catch a break.  After stopping psychotic businessman Jonas Hodges, ally turned traitor Tony Almeida and evil dictator Benjamin Juma, Jack resigned himself to die from exposure to biological weapon but his daughter Kim decided she couldn’t let him do that and volunteered for an experimental stem cell procedure to save him.  Judging from the trailer, it seems to have worked and Jack is ready to play grandpa for his grandaughter Teri but he’s drawn into an assassination plot in New York City.  President Allison Taylor is still in command and CTU NYC has been reactivated.  There’s a quick shot of Jack’s partner/protege Renee Walker in the trailer as she’s supposed to return along with everyone’s favorite computer expert Chloe O’Brian.  Check out the trailer below and start counting down to January 17th.

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