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Universal Soldier: Regeneration Trailer

Posted on November 24, 2009 by


Van Damme is back in action in another sequel to Universal Soldier.  The first movie was cheesy fun but the franchise went downhill in a hurry but it seems like they’re pulling a “Fast & Furious” and having not only Van Damme return but Dolph Lundgren as well.  In Universal Soldier: Regeneration, terrorists led by an evil UniSol (UFC fighter Andrei Arlovski) take over what remains of the Chernobyl nuclear plant and threaten to unleash tons of deadly radiation.  Van Damme’s UniSol, Luc Devereaux,  is reactivated and sent in to deal with the situation but finds not only the new threat but an old one as well, his nemesis from the original Universal Soldier, Andrew Scott.  Now Luc has to take on both in one final battle.  Check out the trailer below and the movie comes out on DVD next year.

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