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Real Men of Action: Max Walker

By Zach


  • Name: Max Walker
  • Occupation: Time Enforcement Commission Agent
  • Family: Melissa Walker (wife), Alternate future Son
  • Allies: TEC Director Matuzak
  • Enemies: Senator Aaron McComb and his goons
  • Weapon(s) of Choice: Futuristic Beretta, Legs
  • Body Count: unknown
  • Memorable Quote: “[after kicking a guy into liquid nitrogen] I guess I should have told him to ‘Freeze.”

In an alternate 1994, time travel becomes a reality and is almost instantly used by criminals to start pillaging the past.  A special US Senate committee is set up to help stop history from being altered by criminals and they agree to set up the Time Enforcement Commission or TEC as a means to police history.   Overseen by Senator Aaron McComb, the TEC starts to recruit agents, one of them being Max Walker.  Max has a happy life with his wife Melissa and decides to accept the job, however their house is broken into by thugs and Max is beaten and left on the front lawn.  Shortly after their house blows up and Melissa is killed.  10 years later Max becomes a cold and efficient agent of the TEC.  He travels back to the 1920’s to stop his former partner, Atwood, from profiting off of the stock market. After getting into a firefight with some of Atwood’s hired muscle, Max learns that Atwood is working for McComb in a bid to raise funds for his presidental campaign and then promptly tries to jump out a window.  Max brings him back to 2004 where he refuses to testify and is sent back to the 1920’s to finish his fall.  Coincidentally, McComb arrives for his annual tour of the TEC and Max not very subtly implies that he knows about McComb’s fundraising.

Max is then paired up with new agent, Sarah Fielding, and the two head to 1994 to investigate a possible misuse of time travel.  The two head to the McComb/Parker computer company and find young McComb arguing with his partner Parker about their new microchips and their shares of the company.  Just as Parker offers to buy McComb’s shares, a time portal opens up and 2004 McComb arrives with some henchmen.  Older McComb kills Parker and reveals his plan to young McComb.  Fielding, as it turns out, is on McComb’s payroll as well and Max barely escapes from a huge firefight in the warehouse.

Max heads back to a vastly different 2004 as the TEC is being shut down, McComb is almost guaranteed to be president and Max’s friend, TEC Director Matuzak, doesn’t really know Max.  Max convinces Matuzak to let him go back to 1994 and try and stop McComb.  Max intends to get a sample of Fielding’s blood, as she was injured in the shootout.  There are no records of her in the alternate 2004 but if Max can get a sample of her blood it will prove McComb altered history.  Looking through the blood samples, Max finds a sample of Melissa’s blood that indicates she is pregnant.  With this new information, Max decides to rescue Melissa, as conveniently it is day before she is killed.

Everything occurs the same as the last time except when the goons arrive they have deal with both young and old Max, who manage to beat them.  Young Max is wounded and the mastermind behind it, McComb, takes Melissa hostage and reveals he planted a bomb of C-4 in the house.  Young McComb arrives at that moment however and old McComb is terrified since he could be wiped out of existence.  Max kicks the young McComb into older McComb and since matter cannot occupy the same space at the same time, the two disintegrate into ooze.  Old Max then carries Melissa out to where he left young Max and heads back to 2004 where TEC is better than ever and McComb is no where to be found, having disappeared 10 years earlier.  Max heads home but instead of driving to his apartment, his car drives him to he and Melissa’s house where he is greeted by her and their son.  Max is extremely happy and blissfully unaware of the about a dozen paradoxes he probably created.

See Max in Action:


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