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Battle at the Box Office 12/7


The Blind Side put a firm stiff arm into the faces of those sparkly Twilight bastards as it took over the top spot at the box office this weekend. The true football story took in $20.4 million while New Moon took in $15.7. Both films had a pretty large drop off from last week and so did a number of other movies including 2012, Ninja Assassin, A Christmas Carol and Planet 51, all of which had at least a 60% drop off from the previous week. Brothers came in at a surprising third place with just over $9.5 million. The other new movies didn’t fare quite as well, Armored came in at sixth with $6.6 million (possibly making it the devil) and Everybody’s Fine wasn’t very fine, barely coming in at tenth with just over $4 million. The question for this weekend is will a traditional animated Disney film be able to perform like the old days?

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