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The Karate Kid Trailer

By Zach

The Karate Kid is one of the sacred cows of the 80’s but it’s still not safe from a remake, and what looks like a pretty terrible one at that.  Jaden Smith plays Dre, who moves with his mother to China.  He meets a girl, gets picked on by a bully and then learns martial arts from a drunk Jackie Chan.  It seems like a pretty blatant attempt to just try and cash in on the Karate Kid name; If they had called it something else it would still look terrible but it would be easier to ignore.  None of the classic elements of the original are evident in the trailer; there’s no Cobra Kai and “Hang the jacket up” is no “Wax on, Wax Off”, the only thing is a mildly amusing nod to Mr. Miyagi trying to catch flies with chopsticks.  Judge for yourself below but interest is at zero for me.

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