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Admit One 12/24

By Zach

On top of presents, food and family, Christmas is also loaded with new movies.  Well, one that’s going wide and four new wide releases. Let’s see what put the critics in the holiday spirit.

Sherlock Holmes

Starring: Robert Downey Jr., Jude Law, Rachel McAdams, Mark Strong

Directed by: Guy Ritchie

Plot: The legendary detective must use all his skills to stop a plot that could destroy all of London.

Rotten Tomatoes Freshness: 71%

Critic Consensus: “Guy Ritchie’s directorial style might not be quite the best fit for an update on the legendary detective, but Sherlock Holmes benefits from the elementary appeal of a strong performance by Robert Downey, Jr.”


Starring: Daniel Day Lewis, Marion Cotillard, Nicole Kidman, Penelope Cruz

Directed by: Rob Marshall

Plot: Italian director Guido Contini tries to finish his latest film while balancing all the women in his life and suffering a mid-life crisis.

RT Freshness: 42%

Critic Consensus: “It has a game, great-looking cast, led by the always worthwhile Daniel Day-Lewis, but Rob Marshall’s Nine is chaotic and curiously distant.”

Alvin and the Chipmunks: The Squeakuel

Starring: Zachary Levi, Jason Lee, David Cross, Justin Long

Directed by: Betty Thomas

Plot: The chipmunks head to high school and get into all sorts of wacky hi-jinks.

RT Freshness: 25%

Critic Consensus: “This Squeakquel may entertain the kiddies, but it’s low on energy and heavily reliant on slapstick humor.”

It’s Complicated

Starring: Meryl Streep, Alec Baldwin, Steve Martin, John Krasinski

Directed by: Nancy Meyers

Plot: Recently divorced Jane and Jack start to have an affair which “complicates” things for Jack’s new marriage and Jane’s new relationship.

RT Freshness: 46%

Critic Consensus: “Despite fine work by an appealing cast, It’s Complicated is predictable romantic comedy fare, going for broad laughs instead of subtlety and nuance.”

Up in the Air

Starring: George Clooney, Vera Farmiga, Anna Kendrick, Melanie Lynskey

Directed by: Jason Reitman

Plot: Businessman Ryan Bingham, who has almost 5 million frequent flyer miles and no personal relationships, is suddenly grounded by his company and has to figure out what he’s going to do now.

RT Freshness: 89%

Critic Consensus: “Led by charismatic performances by its three leads, director Jason Reitman delivers a smart blend of humor and emotion with just enough edge for mainstream audiences.”

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