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Repo Men Trailer

No one watched it but, in 2008 there was this horrible “rock opera” from the producers of Saw called Repo: The Genetic Opera.  I suggest no one ever watch it but apparently it’s plot was inspiring to the makers of the upcoming Repo Men.  Both movies feature a corporation that creates artifical organs that allow people to get transplants fairly easily.  However, if they can’t pay them off then the Repo Men come in and kill them and take back the organ.  Repo Men stars Forest Whitaker and Jude Law as repo men and it looks all right but anything spectacular; it definitely seems like a fall/beginning of the year kind of movie.  Check out the trailer below.


4 thoughts on “Repo Men Trailer

  1. Zach, I respectfully disagree. Repo: The Genetic Opera is a entertaining film that made a relatively spectacular transition from stage to screen. Most rock operas cannot be captured by screen and only a few have dared to try. Rocky Horror Picture Show was a screaming success compared to Repo and yes its difficult to watch but you have to admit that it is creative idea, beautiful cinematography and original. So come on… though this looks like a bad ass action flick, Repo Men totally stole most of the idea from Repo. I like the knife scene at the end though, big fan of knife fights.

  2. I know which one I’ll be watching given the choice, and it won’t be the musical rubbish

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