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The Jack Attack: Hour 8

By Zach

Jack found himself in a familiar but not very pleasant situation last night on 24.  After their undercover operation went badly, Jack decided the only way to salvage it was for Sergei’s men (although he didn’t know who they were at the time) take him and then have CTU follow them to get the location of the rods.  Unfortunately, Sergei’s men took Jack through an underground tunnel and CTU had no idea where they were.

Arriving at Sergei’s restaurant/headquarters, Jack maintained his cover of being arms dealer Ernst Meir but Sergei wasn’t buying it and he had his enforcer Dmitri go to work on Jack with some jumper cables.

Back at CTU, Dana got through to Kevin, who was celebrating his recent windfall at a strip club.  In a move that was not surprising in the least, Kevin stated that he wasn’t going to get rid of his new golden goose so easily and that Dana was going to help them hit some more places.  Arlo confronted Dana about who she kept talking to but she denied it.  Renee and Cole arrived back and while Cole helped Arlo with the UAVs, Renee was supposed to write down her statement about what happened with Vladimir and then undergo a psych evaluation in CTU’s medical office.  Dana tried to tell Cole what was going on but he was called away before she could, but it apparently helped her decide to do something about it.

At the UN, Hassan’s daughter Kayla tried to talk some sense into him but he continues to grow more paranoid and more crazy.  He refused to release Tarin, even after Kayla told him they were romantically involved.  Hassan figured this was the perfect way for Tarin to get at him and told Kayla not to bother him again.  Kayla then went to where they were holding Tarin and convinced the guard to let her see him before they transferred him to the embassy.

Back at Sergei’s, Farhad recieved a call from his men down at the NYC docks that if they didn’t receive the nuclear rods soon, then all their allies back in Kamistan would be arrested or dead and the rods would be useless.  Farhad told them he would handle it but got some bad news from Josef and Sergei.  Sergei was worried about a possible leak in Farhad’s organization thanks to what Ernst said and until they knew who Ernst was, the delivery was going to be delayed.  Farhad was none too pleased but Josef and Sergei had had enough of his crap and told him it might be better if he waited for delivery with his men.  Josef agreed to drive him and they headed out.  Downstairs, Jack, no stranger to interrogation, faked passing out and then managed to turn the jumper cables on Dmitri with his feet.  Jack then needed to figure out how to get down from the pipe he was tied on and broke it off the wall after slamming down on it with his body weight.  Back on solid ground, Jack snapped Dmitri’s neck with his legs and then shut down the power to the building.  Taking out Sergei’s men, he and Sergei got into a shootout in the main dining room.  Jack took cover under a table and Sergei stalked him with a shotgun, shooting at tables to try and uncover Jack.  Jack took out Sergei by smashing him with the table he was hiding under and it seemed like CTU might finally have everything under control.  Sergei agreed to tell CTU where the nuclear rods were in exchange for immunity for himself and Josef.  President Taylor agreed and Cole and a tactical team went to the truck waystation where the tractor trailer hauling the nuclear rods was sitting.  Upon arrival they found Sergei’s men dead and the rods missing.  It seems that Josef had his own plans for the fuel rods and went behind his father’s back to deliver them to Farhad.

Closing things out, Dana had tracked down Kevin and his pal Nick to the strip club and, judging from the gun in her purse, had a nasty surprise in mind for them.

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