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The Jack Attack: Hour 9

By Zach

We’re entering the second act of the season as Jack and co. continue to try and recover the rogue nuclear rods.

Jack and Sergei called Josef in an attempt to get him to return with the nuclear rods.  When he hears about the immunity deal, Josef agrees to head back but is sniped by Farhad and his men before he can.  Jack hears a bit of the terrorist’s plan over Josef’s phone but not enough to get an idea about where they are; they mention that they can’t can’t go to the docks anymore.  Jack heads back to CTU with Sergei, where Sergei will be interrogated.  Jack also checks on Renee and gives her a little positive boost when he says the when she has him, he meant it like it sounded.  Jack certainly has a way with the ladies, hopefully Renee fares better than Teri or Audrey.  Renee’s good feelings don’t last long though as Hastings recieves a call from Rob Weiss, who says that someone has to pay for the operation’s screw up and he wants to pin it on Renee.  Hastings folds and agrees to let a Justice department rep question Renee.

Back at the new terrorist HQ, Farhad and his number two, Samir, discuss their options and, with the authorities on to them, their only course of action is to turn the rods into a weapon and detonate them in NYC.  The men plan to head out and gather supplies, with Farhad saying he’ll go and talk to an electronics professor who could make a detonator for them.  On his way out, Farhad attacks his escort/henchmen and runs off into the woods, but not without getting a beating himself.  Apparently he has no problem restarting his country’s nuclear program and killing his brother but this is crossing the line.  He calls CTU and requests that they help him and he’ll tell them everything.

Meanwhile, in kind of stupid side plot land, Dana has been staking out Kevin’s van and pulls a gun out of her purse.  When their female “friends” leave, she screws on a silencer and starts stomping over but is stopped by the arrival of Cole, who had Arlo track her phone.  Dana finally explains everything and Cole is upset but he takes Dana’s gun and threatens Kevin and Nick himself.  He tells them they can either go to jail or take the money and leave.  Kevin agrees to the second option but Nick says their just getting started and pulls out a knife and gun to go kill Cole.  Kevin tries to talk him down but gets a knife in the gut for his effort.  Nick is about to pop Cole when Kevin yells out a warning and Cole blasts Nick with a shotgun.  Dana runs over to Kevin and he dies in her arms.  Cole and Dana have a little bigger mess to clean up than they thought they would.

Back at CTU, Jack arrives back and learns about Renee getting questioned.  He beats the shit out of the guard and threatens and chastises the Justice department rep.  He and Renee try to escape but CTU pulls out Jack’s only weakness, a taser, and they’re both stopped.  Jack is brought to Hastings office and is chewed out and told to leave.  It’s then that Farhad calls.  With Cole missing, Hastings asks newbie Owens to lead the rescue operation but Jack pokes holes in the pretty much every aspect of the plan and Hastings, seeing how incompetent he is, asks Jack to come back and stay until the situation is completely resolved.  Jack agrees on the condition that Renee is cleared of all charges.

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