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Everything Action Theater: The Toxic Avenger

By Zach

Hulu brings us the first superhero from New Jersey; Toxie the Toxic Avenger later Saturday morning Crusader.  Nerd Melvin Junko, janitor at the Tromaville country club, is chased by bullies and ends up falling into toxic waste.  He’s deformed but also given super strength and takes revenge on the bullies who tormented him and also takes it upon himself to break up a crime ring that is plaguing the city.  Brought to you by beloved B-movie studio Troma, The Toxic Avenger is violent and bloody and low budget at it’s best.

One thought on “Everything Action Theater: The Toxic Avenger

  1. Dude, I was gonna review this and the other 4 movies. I think I should call dibs due to my close proximity to Jersey and that I’ve been drinking its water for about 6 years now. I’m waiting on the green skin and freakish strength any day now. Or spike my hair and turn orange. Which ever comes first.

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