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The Jack Attack: Hour 10

Posted on March 2, 2010 by

Jack is back to his old self whether he’s yelling at medics to keep a suspect stable or getting one step ahead of the terrorists.

We didn’t open on Jack however but everyone’s least favorite murdering couple, Dana and Cole.  The pair set about getting rid of any evidence concerning what happened to Nick and Kevin and dumped their bodies in the nearby lake.  Cole was fuming and the wedding might be delayed a bit.

Back to Jack, he led a CTU tactical team to the area where Farhad was hiding.  While on the phone with Hastings, Farhad decided he couldn’t stay in one place any longer and tried to run but was gunned down by one of Samir’s men.   Jack and Co. arrived seconds later and the gunman fled with Farhad bled out, despite Jack’s yelling and the medic’s best efforts to keep him alive.  Jack had planned to show Farhad classified profiles of covert Karmistan operatives who are operating in the US in an attempt to track the terrorists down.  With Farhad dead, Jack thought up a plan B which involved luring the terrorists to a nearby hospital with news that Farhad was still alive, broadcast thanks to the local Fox affiiliate.  CTU rolled out and got ready to spring their trap.

At the UN, President Taylor and Rob were brought up to speed about the situation.  President Taylor agreed to try and convince Hassan to give up the classified files (which he did when Taylor threatened US retaliation if the attack occured) and Hastings finally grew a pair and basically told Rob to fuck off.  Former head of security Tarin was about to be transferred but recieved a visit from Kayla Hassan and he revealed that he had a man still loyal who was going to slip him handcuff keys and a gun.  Tarin was hauled off but put the keys and gun to good use in transit, hijacking the SUV and locking the agents in the trunk.  He then headed off to a nearby hotel to meet Kayla where the two did the vertical rumba for the rest of the episode while they waited for a lawyer to arrive and help them get asylum in the US.  Hassan got the news of Tarin’s escape from his agents and was furious, but more concerned that Kayla was somewhere in NYC with a potential dirty bomb going off.  He called his estranged wife and she agreed to try and find Kayla. Meanwhile, President Taylor, after conferencing with Homeland Security Tim and other experts, decided to evacuate the UN because of the dirty bomb threat but Hassan refused to leave until Kayla was found.  Taylor relented but said they would talk soon.

At the hospital turned terrorist trap, Jack and his team spread out and waited for the terrorists to make their move.  Their move was sending half Karmistani half American Marcos, strapped with a bomb vest but with a potential weakness in his mother.  Chloe spotted him on the security feed thanks to facial recognition and also figured she could stop the vest from detonating by identifying the detonator and then jamming it’s signal.  Marcos was lead to Farhad’s fake recovery room by nervous Cole replacement Owen, who Jack told to stay calm and that he was completely covered.  Chloe nailed down the detonator type but needed to see the vest to disarm it.  Owen managed to call Marcos’ bluff and got him to show the vest and Chloe and Arlo sent about jamming it.  Arriving in Farhad’s room, Marcos tried to detonate the vest but, seeing it not work, used a gun stolen from Owen to make Farhad deader.  Jack and company arrived shortly afterwards and Marcos threw himself out the window and, despite probably breaking most of his bones, managed to evade Jack and locked himself in some sort of pressure chamber.  Jack tried to talk him out but Marcos wasn’t having it and instead called Samir to find out how to detonate the vest manually.  It looks like Jack is going to have to really turn the screws on Marcos next week and what does Stephen Root want with Kevin (maybe he stole his stapler?)

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