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The Jack Attack: Hour 11

Posted on March 9, 2010 by

We all know that Jack can be extremely convincing but he had his work cut out for him last night as he spent most of the episode trying to negotiate with young terrorist Marcos.  Marcos, with his detonator disabled by CTU, was furiously trying to rewire his bomb vest and kill himself to avoid capture.  Jack tried to reason with him but Marcos was too fanatical to listen.  Chloe and CTU got a work up on Marcos and found that his mother lived in NYC and Hastings dispatched the recently returned Cole to retrieve her.  Hastings chewed both Dana and Cole out and demoted Dana to reporting to Chloe, previously it was the opposite.  Just when Dana was about to finally get back to work, Kevin’s parole officer Privey called and wanted to know where Kevin was.  Dana tried to lie but was caught by Privey’s phone records stating that he called Dana numerous times.  Privey wanted to meet and Dana agreed.  Dana tried to call Cole for support but he just said to lie, “because you’re good at it” Burn!

At the UN, Hassan and his wife Talia reunited but only for the purpose of finding their renegade daughter.  Talia tried to reach Kyla on her phone but she was “busy” with Tarin and ignored the calls.

Back at the hospital, Jack had the recently arrived mother try and talk her son into giving himself in but Marcos, while almost breaking, refused.  Samir had two of his men tapped into the surveillance feed of the hospital and they were monitoring Marcos’ progress.  When his mother obviously wasn’t going to convince him, Jack turned it up a notch and stole a play from season 3.  He told Marcos that if he blew himself up, first Jack was going to make his mother clean up the mess and then Jack would bring her to the site of the attack and intentionally expose her to radiation.  Marcos finally caved and came out of the pressure chamber.  Samir’s men saw this and activated a fail safe on the vest, giving Jack sixty seconds to disarm the bomb.  Jack couldn’t do it in time and barely got Marcos back into the chamber before he exploded.  Jack was able to get a name out of Marcos before he died however, Tarin Faroush, and it turns out Hassan wasn’t as crazily paranoid as we thought.  Jack contacted Hassan and Talia finally reached Kyla.  Kyla refused to believe it at first but Talia convinced her and CTU got her location, so Jack and Cole were off.  Be sure to come back next week as the preview promises some sort of huge, shocking twist.

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