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The Jack Attack: Hours 15 and 16

By Zach

The annual big event before the end game occured last night as Jack and co. had to deal with the abduction of President Hassan.

Jack and Renee were trying to reach the streets of NYC so they could get the Hassans to the air base and have a clear signal to contact President Taylor about the mercenary ambush.  Hassan was upset that he was considered more important than thousands who would die from the radiation bomb so he knocked Jack out with a piece of rebar and forced everyone into a storage room.  He then went with the remaining merc, Bishop, and the two took an SUV to the rendezvous point.  When Jack came to he called President Taylor, who was not at all happy that Bruckner and Rob went behind her back.  She had both of them arrested for treason and also just barely saved Ethan from dying after his heart attack.  Rob refused to give up the location of the rendezvous, which earned him some “Damn you, Rob”s and a slap to the face.  However, a text came through that revealed that Bishop had recovered the bomb and Tarin had taken the SUV with Hassan.  The President asked Jack to head up the operation to get Hassan back and Renee arrived shortly after with Kayla and Dalia Hassan.  President Taylor gave Renee a heartfelt thanks and Renee headed back to CTU.

CTU’s plan to get Hassan back was for Jack to pursue Tarin while an ambush team set up further down the road.  They would disable the SUV and kill Tarin while Jack grabbed Hassan.  However, Dana, who was looking for an opportunity to warn Tarin, finally managed to under the pretense of checking the trunk line.  She was almost caught by a nosy Arlo, who almost became the second victim of the CTU Strangler.  With Dana’s warning, Tarin drove into a nearby parking garage with Jack in hot pursuit.  With nowhere to go, Tarin drove to roof and jumped the truck off, killing himself and everyone thought Hassan as well.  However, Hassan was drugged and dumped into the Prius of the terrorist’s female accomplice (How awesome would it have been if it was Mandy?).

Jack quickly figured that there was yet another mole in CTU and recovered Tarin’s phone in order to find out who it was.  Renee and Chloe set up a secure data feed and Chloe was able to discover it was Dana.  Dana was attempting to flee CTU after hacking Hastings computer to change her card to allow her leave the premises.  She was instantly flagged as “apprehend on sight” and proceeded to shoot her way to the parking garage.  A pissed off Cole chased her down and shot out her tires, stopping her escape.  He almost strangled her but Hastings called him off.  Hastings wanted answers but Dana said she would only talk to Jack.

Hassan, meanwhile was brought to the terrorist’s current base of operations, an apartment building and Samir revealed that he wanted Hassan to renounce the peace agreement and then his crimes would be read and he would be killed.  Hassan refused to cooperate, even under torture of drugs and tasers.  Samir revealed he had another way and a live internet feed was started.

Before that, Jack returned to CTU and did his interrogation business with Dana.  She demanded immunity and in exchange she would tell CTU where Hassan was and who was in charge.  Jack, Cole and Renee headed out to join the assault team but they only had a few minutes before Samir’s video would end and Hassan would be executed.  Cole and a CTU sniper took out the rooftop lookouts while Jack and Renee led the team into the apartment building.  Jack took out one terrorist and they found the room Samir was in thanks to an audio surveillance tool.  Jack and Renee entered the apartment and found a child and his mother.  Despite their attempts to keep them calm, the kid freaked out and Renee tossed him into the hall.  Jack found a hidden door in the back of the apartment and he went in while Renee watched the mother.  However, it turned out that the woman was the female accomplice, which Renee realized just in time to cap her before she capped Renee.  Meanwhile, Jack rolled into the terrorist’s room and took them all out but was shocked to see that the internet video was pre recorded and Hassan had already been executed.  Jack felt like he failed and CTU and the President were stunned.  Now that Samir and his cell are taken care of the question is who was paying Dana, what’s going on with the Russians and what does Charles Logan have to do with everything?  We’ll have to tune in next week to find out.

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